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Tony is a Mexico City-born writer and director now based in the US, acclaimed for their work exploring complex themes and characters. A passionate advocate for diversity and representation in the film industry, Tony is committed to pursuing an artistic career in Film. In pursuit of new opportunities and challenges, Tony relocated to the United States, where he will continue to pursue his career in cinema.

Tony studied in Full Sail University and graduated from the FILM B.S in 2023.

He is always looking to work in new Films, either as a writer, director, producer, AD and PA. He has worked with many different actors and actresses from his early career stages.

Antonio Sanchez Lorenzo


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"Toda la Semana" (Music Video) - Writer/Director/Cinematographer - August 2023

"The Last One" (Short Film) - Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor - May 2023

"FRICK" (Short Film) - 1st A.D/Gaffer - May 2023

"Where are the Strawberry Fields" (Short Film) - Writer/Director/Editor - April 2023

"Loverman" (Short Film) - UPM/2nd A.D/Script Editor - April 2023

"Peril In disguise" (Short Film) - 1st A.D/Producer/Graphic Artist - March 2023

"Gray Noise" (Short Film) - Writer/Director - March 2023

"That's Mime" (Short Film) - Writer/Director - February 2023

"Rock never dies"(Short Film) - Writer/Director/Producer - Dec 2022

"Ding...Ding" (Short film) - 1st Assistant Director/Producer - Nov 2022

"Timeless" (Short Film) - Writer/Director - Oct 2022

"We are not in Kansas anymore" (Short Film) - Script -Supervisor / Script Editor  -Sep 2022

"Mayor Myers" (Episodic Short Series)  - Co-writer - March 2022

"The Power of The Mustache" (Short Film) - Script Editor - Jan 2022

"Melatonin"  (Short film) - Writer/Director/Producer - Nov 2021

"Some Assembly Required"(Short Film) - Script Supervisor - march 2021

Dos Extraterrestres By Fauzi (Music Video) - Producer/ 1st Assistant Director -  March  2021

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